Cult Country

by Clint Westwood

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released October 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Clint Westwood San Diego, California

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Track Name: High Horse
Woe is my demeanor as it acts in self defense
Choking on your anecdotes and sneering confidence Nurture my sick nature and its endless appetite
Lets go lynch the neighbors ‘cause they’re bumming out my high There’s nothing we can do stuck in this monkey suit Throw shit at the ugly truth locked inside this fucking zoo
Lost in space on a hell ride, it’s a death race up to paradise Its time to leave this place and go into the light
Yeah the stakes are high betting on the afterlife
Get on up from that high horse
Get down off of that high horse
Giddy Up! You better ride that horse
Get outta town, you’re gonna’ die on that horse Save my life don’t save my soul
Where I go when I die nobody knows
Tie your holy ghost to that hitching post With that old high horse
Drag around this body bag through dust and dirty fumes Strike a match and light a pack of existential doom Fix me up another round of poison make it well
Till I have no fear, the end is near on the short bus to hell A few dollars short, soon I’ll be hangin’ high
Its good, its bad, its ugly on the run from angel eyes
Caught in the wake of a eugenicide
Pray me away I can’t be exorcised Haters gonna’ hate, spread misery and lies Yeah you ain’t divine, you’re just wasting time
We don’t need no entertainment
I am what I am and I don’t give a good god damn
We don’t need no pop control
Stupid is as stupid does, majority rules and free is dumb
No dark sarcasm on the album
Come on down and join the cult or get struck by a lighting bolt
Get on board this crazy train, praise the lord we’ve all been saved He’s watching you so best behave, you don’t want to go down in flames Now get down on your knees and pray!
Track Name: On the Ponderosa
The harvest is starting to rot Pestilence got a hold of our crop Prune and pick the eventual loss The rest will be gone to overhead cost
It sure is nice living on a farm
A log on the fire and some whiskey in a jar Howl at the moon take a piss under the stars
I got a cannabis card now I’m working on a farm
There ain’t no cash living off the land
Still everyone is holding out their hand Floods from the north are driving down the price In-­‐door, export is heating up the vice
But it sure is nice living on the farm
Drunk, playing cards, eating mushrooms in the dark Bury the cash in the yard when they burn down the barn I got a cannabis card now I’m working on a farm
Another sunrise from a sleepless night Cooped up inside with it all on the line Cabin fever is burning my mind Break even in the spring, by fall we’ll be fine
Wasting time growing marijuana
Is southern California, we’ll never see a profit out of here Grow buds on the ponderosa
Green fools gold rush stuck another year
Track Name: Hold Me Up
Ice cold queen
Your scowl don’t match the symmetry of your anatomy Eyes frozen mean mugging me
Let’s drink until we have friendly personalities You hate my face, I don’t like your hair
Shut up and kiss me lets get out of here
Won’t you make my Monday night longer Tuesdays love is two for one Wednesday I’m looking to skip town Thursday you’re shit out of luck Fridays I can’t remember
I spend Saturday night on the run from Sunday morning, someone hold me up
Tattooed sleeve
Roses, thorns and heartbreak, friends who rest in peace Smokescreen
Cigarettes and whiskey cauterize feelings
I’m not you’re type, you’re being a bitch
We should probably just go fuck and get over it
You don’t have the heart
I don’t have the time
Selfish suspicions don’t need a reason why
You made it clear, but I’m the last one here
I can see it in your eyes you don’t want to be alone tonight
Won’t you be my drunk fuzzy memory Or something that lasted too long Lust turned to obsession
Or the one who don’t return my calls No regrets and no emotion
I can’t promise to prove you wrong But come the morning I’ll for sure be gone
Track Name: Carmageddon
United States of highways violence and rage
I'm gonna’ drive it my way gonna win this human race
Burnin rubber blowin smoke like mr. toad
Peelin out my tire tracks are screeching down the road
Get out the way I'm running late I speed and scream and cuss
Shift n swerve then flip then bird y'all can eat my dust.
Step out the door into the bright lights
It's time to go for a ride
Got somewhere to be I gotta drive
Just me and my automobile
Spending all my God damn cash filling up with gas
Oil change insurance claims fines from driving fast
Tortoise in the fast lane rabbits passing on the right
It's a free for all till Johnny law is pulling up behind
Step out the bar into the night
It's time to go for a ride
Got someone to do, go drink n drive
Gonna die in my automobile
Kelly was a race car driver, she drove so god damn fast
With a need for speed and a sticky beak and boy she’d ride my ass
Chads mashin with the top down got a blue tooth in a ear
He's on the job, dropping stocks in my rear view mirror
There's a mama bear right over there in her shitty mini van
Packed full of her chubby dumbass Cubs suckling off the man
Here comes Johnny right up on me flashin purdy lights
Now I gotta walk the line blow 0-­‐9 and get my dui
Why oh why don't take my liscense to drive
God bless the dinasours bubblin down below
Gonna frack n suck n drill till we're all outta black gold
Blood stains, pump the breaks, eight lanes of gridlock
Fuck your kids I hope they wheeze to death on my exhaust
Step out the door goin 95
It's time to go, im outta time
Got no regard for human life
Fuck you and your automobile
Track Name: Not the Ones
So we've come to the end of this way
And we all bid farewell with no shame
We're pardoned today of the old all and chain
As we take our first steps to the wild
Like brothers of a motherless child
We burn the old pile light cigars in a smile
All we ever wanted was our greatness tried and true
Not mediocre moments we got better things to do
So get off tune in and drop out
No one knows what they’re talking about
Dollars and guns were not the ones
And our epitaphs will stain the walls
Like tags dripping down bar room stalls
Broke and appalled the herd at last call
When the ruckus submits to the law
With bloodied cuffed wrists and broke jaws
Street sweep the mob with no probable cause
All we ever needed was a roof over our heads
Stereos and whiskey and the love of wild women
And there’s really enough to go round
But we still stick our necks underground
Cowards and thugs, we're not the ones
So sing another dumb pop song
And pass out like nothing is wrong
Storms reeling the calm with a stretch and a yawn
We're idiot savants with guitars
Drunk dangling from the monkey bars
Missed the train to mars out back counting stars
All we ever waited for was something meaningful
With barrels at our skulls refusing to be dull
And the icons will slither inside
With venomous bite fills of pride
Like a stepfathers love
Track Name: Borracho Enamorado
Hello linda, que honda?
Pardon me for staring but my mind has been made up
I don’t believe in true love
But girl I’ve got it bad, I’m just a simple man
But I guess I move too slow, so you’ll probably never know
I want to lay down by your side
I need to come and spend the night
I got to feel you in my life
I can’t take it anymore
Show me love woman, show some love mama
Show some love come on
Don’t leave me hanging mi amor
Ay dios mio, you can’t be real
I will surely burn in hell for the way you make me feel
I don’t believe in destiny
But you’re body chemistry is rearranging me
well I guess I’ll rest my case with a slap across the face
I’m not leaving here without you
Please don’t make me cause a scene
I’m love sick and you’re my fix
so please don’t walk away from me
I’m intoxicated, infatuated
Won’t you lend a helping hand
I’ll crawl the floor and block the door
Just please accept this drunk romance
Yo quiero, no me hagas llorar
Contigo necesito acostar
Oley! Te Deseo, por favor no pasar
Yo no puedo tomar mas
Track Name: Demon Night
I can feel it creeping over me
Like the first few drops of rain
Tiny voices keep me company
In a tomb of wicked whispers wide awake
If to live is to suffer only in death will we find peace
Leave this life to start another, release the soul become the beast
Our god is an angry god he wants us all to die like dogs
City of the future towering over modern ruins
Our homes are scabs on the terrain
Swarm the night like locusts we are the mutants
Toxic waste flows through the veins
Wanton spirits roam in slumber
A carnival built on graves
Feel the pleasure in the thunder
Lighting strikes ignites the flame
Our god is vengeful god and he won’t stop till he rights this wrong
Like a bullet in the bonfire pressures building down below
Slowly growing into monsters dancing ‘round the clouds of smoke
Drum roll pounding through the ribcage pumping streams of boiling blood
Ears are ringing screams of rapture laughing skulls with rabid tongues
Soul leaves the flesh no longer hexed by fear of death
Lost in free fall down the pit where lakes of fire will take what’s left
Into darkness, into blackness, Its begun, heathen!
Demon night!
We want a sacrifice, we need a sacrifice for the demon night
Our god is an angry god, our god is a vengeful god
Is his mighty jaws we’ll die like dogs
When the dust clears and the sunlight appears
Swollen eyes bleeding tears through the cracks in the mirror
Broken mind, broken bones, broken lives, broken homes
Madman, a cretin with a bad bad feeling they’ll be back
Track Name: Mothership
The sun beats down in ultra violet
Mad burning visions in a sweaty apartment
Into the toxic hellfire murder-­‐scape
A concrete maze boiling over with hate
And they wonder why I don’t feel alright ‘till the sun goes down
And my soul keeps trying to crawl right out of my skin
Take a shot of self preservation and chase it with sin
Man, common sense is a million to one
I’m having trouble speaking in my native tongue
And I got a bad feeling that this ship ain’t turning around
Out on the front porch staring up
Somewhere between the fucked and the fortunate ones
Searching my pockets for that one way ticket,
that will get me back on to the mothership
Just a tiny speck on the ass of existence
And old rusty link in the chain of resistance
Clench the drunk buoy in the sea of the strange
Swallow the cancer in a bitter exchange
‘till I cash in this mountain of debt to the angel of death
suck my brain through the screen with spiraling eyes
living a dream that’s a nightmare in disguise
sex, money and drugs feed us all to the pigs
here comes the fear of god packing a full clip
beam me up through that beautiful light to the fire in the sky
take me back to the mothership
Track Name: Go Home You're Drunk
You’re that guy, having trouble walking
Bumming a smoke and a light
Everyone’s ducking and a dodging
Cold dead eyes like two piss holes in a snow bank
Time to catch a ride before you end up in the drunk tank
So please go home you’re drunk
You’ve had too much and we’ve had enough
You’re gonna’ get punched, piss yourself and throw up
So please go home you’re drunk
You’re that girl having trouble talking
Spinning in circles, playing in everyone’s pockets
Bedroom eyes, two devils on your shoulders
Hanging on a stranger you won’t recognize in the morning
So go home you’re drunk
You’ve had too much and we’ve had enough
You’re gonna’ get drugged, humped and dumped
So please go home you’re drunk
It happens to the best of us
Sleep it off, you won’t remember much
Go eat some Mexican and take your medicine
Track Name: Hangovers and Heartache
Good morning my old pals
pounding headache and crippling self doubt
Lay there for an hour staring at the wall
As it screams and shouts that everything is wrong
We built this house, we’ll burn it down
Its all hangovers and heartache
Its so easy to go through life the hard way
Stubborn, drunk and self destructive
It feels much better when it’s sung to a sweet melody
Bleeding heart, foolish mind
Another bottle invested in a long-­‐term suicide
I don’t want to die, but who wants to live like this
There must be somewhere between happiness and this pitiful shit
Lost it a storm, man overboard
Drifting away from the safety of shore
I can’t let you down if I’m not around
I’m not around, I let you down
You bring the gas, I’ll light the match
Its all hangovers and heartache
Why do we go through life the hard way?
Tuff love, grudges, push and shoving
It sounds much better when you sing
I just want to shield your body with mine
And tell you everything is fine
Find a smile to hide behind
Track Name: Must Be the Money
Did I miss something? Did the world just forget?
Did they get away with murder while cashing in the check?
Are they still above the law while we scramble in the trench?
How long will this go on before the thirst for blood is quenched?
Criminals against the free world, a sociopathic chess match with no end
We the people want what is equal, justice, slay the beast off with its head
Yeah! Is there gonna’ be a purge tonight?
Yeah! Will they get what they deserve tonight?
The kingdom must be burned to dust
We are the hammer of justice
Did I hear something? It just another gun shot
We scatter at the bottom, divided at the top
They’ll send in the squadrons when they finally cut us off
Under stress, panic, anxiety
from all the pressure trying to make ends meet
Don’t be fooled it’s not complicated
You’re struggle’s been fabricated
We know the truth, it’s a conspiracy
If you warship money they you must bow to the tyranny
There’s snakes among us wake the fuck up
The first world feeds on the third world
A systematic death grip around the neck
Cheap possesions, mean oppression
Extortion, squalor, sanctions war and death
Yeah! Are we going rogue tonight?
Yeah! We’re gonna’ drag ‘em out their homes tonight
There’s no wealth just abstract numbers
Thieving frauds with empty banks
Arm yourself it doesn’t matter
They have choppers, drones and tanks
Greed and apathy, all your hard work won’t pay off some day
‘cause you’re not free, you’re a slave
and you’ll defend your captors to the grave
play the game and play it safe
but they can take it all away
Track Name: Ghost
Well it’s an odd feeling
Wondering if we’ll meet again
I think I’ll go for a walk
Down to the dive and buy a shot
I prefer the company of strangers
Because they don’t know why I came here
And they can’t see the ghost that followed me in
You left me all alone
Woke up and you were gone
Where did you go, maybe its something I did wrong
Your spirit’s hanging on to me
I think I’ll tidy up the house a bit
Throw some things away, clean out the closet
Nothing in here looks the same
It’s all a lighter shade of grey
Close the window, dim the blinds
That world outside isn’t mine
I’m locked inside this haunted house
you left me all alone
woke up and now you’re gone
where did you go, what did I do wrong?
There’s a hole in my soul
Where the laughter still echoes
The air is getting cold, I know you’re there
Your spirit’s hanging on to me
As days go by vague and clouded
I find myself wondering what you would do
Baby steps, one foot and then the next
Was so much easier behind you
I spent a couple months just picking up the pieces
But every now and then I just forget
It’s been a year, same old thing, different day
But sometimes at night I leave the light on